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January 23, 2020

Why become a MEMBER of the AFRICAN DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (ADC) & the Benefits of Being One.

 The political space is dysfunctional and currently taken over by hawks. But we need YOU to improve it and help design a future that we want.

You may want to contest an election. But you do not
have to to still make a difference.

You may want to contribute in shaping ideas and policies and influencing culture.

Most importantly because there is an inferno razing through our dear country; parochial leaders, vested interest groups and their agent have taken over aiming to shut all well discerning citizens out. Yes! We must break through and stop them before it is too late.

So you cannot afford to stand akimbo and watch things continue to degenerate.

You have to be one of the Change Agents to restore our country to dignity.

If you are Ready to Engage and Qwn the process and see Nigeria grow, Join ADC Today.

As a party member you contribute to framing the ideology, values, and culture of the party to gain the mandate of the people to govern. Whether or not one intends to run for office or serve in government, being a member ADC gives a person the voice as a citizen in influencing leadership and political choices, social changes and policy direction.

To make sure ADC stays on course all through, we have the ADC – DNA to guide our every move, and our Policy of RADICAL TRANSPARENCY ensures an open system that hones financial fidelity and volunteerism. What’s more, members in good financial standing are entitled to monthly Bank account statements and quarterly financial reports by the Financial Officers National Conference.

For a country with so much social challenges as Nigeria, with corrupt provincial political tin-gods offering inept and lacklustre leadership, and derailing the course of progress for its’ over 200million citizens, it makes common-sense for the good citizens to join a political party worthy of their trust; and participate in bringing about desirable changes. Some parties pay and entice people with money to join them, but the African Democratic Congress, ADC, is different. We are a model, transformation-driven platform that leverages on inclusion, a culture laden with diversity values and Radical Transparency. Our HANDSHAKE symbol is not just a party sign; but an authentic expression of warmth and who we are. ADC is a public trust, open to all well-meaning persons, and is financed essentially with dues paid by its members, and donations also from members and public spirited persons who share our views and values. ADC embraces the fine ethos of democracy and corporate governance, with its budgeting and quarterly audited accounts statements open to all its members and the general public.

Every ADC member is required to:

Pay a one-time registration fee of 500Naira only; and

Pay monthly membership dues of 1000naira only.

A member in good standing enjoys many benefits; members are entitled to all privileges that accrue to bona fide members of the party; and can participate in ADC's various empowerment, knowledge sharing and learning platforms, takes part in any electoral contest, can vote, and can also be voted for. Other incentives for members are listed, but not limited, to the following;

10% Discounts on all nomination forms for National elections for members who have been consistent with their memberships dues for 4 years prior to the elections, and 30% discount for LGA elections.

Gets 25% of the marks during any screening exercise.

Qualifies one to participate in seeking for ADC party sponsorship benefit during elections. ADC aims to sponsor at least 1% of its candidates during elections to a substantial degree.

Qualifies one to participate in ADC Annual raffle draws for members only. For which prizes will include Tractors, Cars, Generators, Electronics, Laptops, Phones, and Books or equivalent in monetary values.

WHY DO WE INSIST ON PAYING FEES: ADC wants to remain a party truly owned by its members, a Public Trust in truth; Not controlled by any God fathers or money bags which is the case with the others. The ADC’s why become a member template is a well thought out and creative way to navigate the murky, highly polluted and complicated local political terrain that has become a dungeon in our time. System and process failures start when big money take control. With a critical number of quality minds identifying and paying their dues and a few making token donations ADC can organize, mobilize, and run it’s promotions, trainings and events to put the party in a good pedestal to win in all elections. We have devised a way to trump the corrupting influence of big Money.

ADC understands the situation in the country, and the poverty that has resulted due to the continued bad Governance of the ruling parties, this must Change when ADC comes to power. So we permit None fees paying membership status for those who are that challenged.

Nigeria’s system is “supposedly” a liberal democracy with a tri-cameral Presidential system modeled after the US, a tripod consisting the Executive arm, Legislative arm and the Judiciary. The system should run on justice and rule of law, and to check and balance each other for harmony and process flow to leverage the country and people. Citizens are free to contest elections to fill electable government positions; President, Governor, LGA Chairman tiers of the executive branches, or the Legislature; Senate, House of Representatives, State House of Assembly and Councillors. Elections are supposed to be free, fair and credible. BUT WE ALL KNOW THE SITUATION; the executive branches at all levels abuse the system and the other branches seem to succumb for various reasons. These are part of the challenges we must deal. As a party member, one can contest any of these positions. Also one can serve I government as a Minister, Commissioner, Supervisor, Adviser, Legislative Aid, and or Board Member and Ambassador or Envoy to a foreign country. Outside Political Office, one can play a role in deciding who gets elected, and also contribute in framing the ideology, values, and culture of the party and policy direction of their Local councils, States, and the Country. So whether or not one intends to run for office or serve in government, being a member of a political party gives a person the voice of a Citizen.

January 17, 2020


One evening my wife and i were reading in bed,our five year old daughter appeared at the door,she was upset.
"Honey,whats wrong" we asked.
" I'm afraid " she said.
She explain that his two year old little brother was asleep on the couch and it was dark.
she said his little brother was afraid of the dark.
We tried to assured her it was okay.
she left and didn't say a word.
we didn't think too much about it and we went back reading.
10 or 15 minutes must have pass by,it was quiet.
My wife decided to check on our little girl to make sure she was okay.
She couldn't find her upstairs so she decided to check downstairs.As she came down the stairs she saw something she would never forget.
On our couch in that dark little room were our two little children sound asleep.
Our daughter was by his little brothers side laying over him.
As she got closer she notice our daughter had been crying,she had been protecting her little brother.
She was able to overcome her fear because she cared more about him than what she was afraid of.

Been courageous doesn't mean you aren't afraid; it just means you can care more about something else than what you fear.
Leaders who cares over comes their fears.
Courageous leaders do what is right ,not what is easiest


Story by Chimaobi

January 15, 2020


Today the 15th of January, I join all patriots to honour the heroes and gallant soldiers that sacrificed their lives in the service of this country. ADC NEC and entire membership remain in prayers and solidarity for the family members of these illustrious patriots, and to the many men and women who sustained injuries in their military carrier, and all current members of the armed forces and their the families. But it is painful that the elites within the executive branch, judiciary, administration of the MDAs and even the military and security agencies seem to be callous, unmindful and even revving up the parochial and faulty politics that undermine the nation’s diversity and democracy. This does not portend well for our country. The Nigeria environment has become more toxic under the current national leadership and the failures of the past years. With courage ADC will continue to showcase the right path and values. The ADC DNA will ensure that again, our people and Nation will Arise and Shine in unison.
Ralphs Okey Nwosu. National Chairman ADC

January 14, 2020

Dear colleagues there are many positives about our party ADC

Dear colleagues there are many positives about our party ADC. We may have our challenges but some attitudes will not help rather such are distractions and mere defeatist mindset. You guys in ADC Ondo state may not know how other parties envy you. You have done a marvelous job. I wrote a small reflection on Ondo on my mind. Since then I have received over 320 calls that are Ondo related. Nigeria Tribune carried the reflection. Our website and Facebook have received over 18,230 new visitors within the same week. Believe me ADC Ondo rocks. It really does.
The journey has not been easy all the same. To fix Ondo your son Architect Bola Olawolu the assistant national secretary on the night of 5th August 2018 had to leave Abuja at 3am to be in Akure for 10.30am inauguration of a caretaker committee. Prof Adesegun Ojo of the neighboring Ekiti state a political scientist had to fly in from the US on HE Baba OBJ invite. I joined them at Akure. I had left Abeokuta by road 9pm, slept at Ife because I was not conversant with the road.
The committee was inaugurated the same 5th with everyone making sacrifices and compromises. Within a month a new leadership was put in place. And by December same year ADC had become a winning machine. Not minding the antics and fraud that denied our due mandates the people know the truth. ADC is the most rooted party in Ondo state.
So with the same people, members and leaders nothing can go wrong, and nothing will. The sunshine will always be in alignment with ADC's arise and shine and handshake philosophy.
To God the glory

Ralphs Okey Nwosu ADC National Chairman

January 13, 2020


 Image result for ondo state

 Happy new year to all our members in Ondo State. 2020 is here and the 2020 governorship election beckons 9 months from now. ADC was almost unknown in Ondo until the 10th of May 2018. By December, without any godfathers, ADC became the number one party of the state riding on the power of the people and leaders that borders on inclusion, equity, commitment and conviction. It is as if ADC (Arise and Shine) was registered with the Sunshine state in mind. Today, not minding the decadent systemic corruption and authoritarianism in the country your authentic and alternative voice for national rejuvenation sounds loud and clear at the National Assembly.
In a complicated and complex system like ours, Change is difficult because of many entrenched interests, corruption and the willy-dilly therein. But it will amount to leadership failure and a doomed future if leaders fail to persevere when their efforts tend to hit Rocky resistance. Effective leaders actually anticipate the resistance and persons who are genuine in their pursuit never give up. No one can climb a rocky mountain and not expect to sweat or get into jungle and not expect a sting or insect bite. So it is with leading change.
ADC state leaders have been accused, bullied, scandalised and tormented. Earlier, the senatorial candidate, state Chairman, woman leader and others were kidnapped. Further, they burnt and vandalized the factory and offices of the state Chairman, and tried to disrupt all ADC’s and their candidates programs. They tried to frustrate the daring and ambitious empowerment programs initiated by some of our youthful Diaspora candidates. They unleashed thugs on the election days to intimidate the people. Yet the powers that be could not break the synergy the party built with the people of Ondo state; the people came out to give ADC its biggest triumph. On the day of the election 2 senate seats for ADC were sure banker, more than half of the other national and state assemblies seats were going for our members.
Unfortunately, the systems operators within the state and national conspired to deny our candidates their victories and our party ADC its wins. To the glory of God and the courage of the Ondo people, the overwhelming support given to The Rt Hon Dr Abiola Peter Makinde awed the vodoo and most vicious gang-up. May God's name be praised; today, Hon Makinde represents Ondo East and West Federal Constituency and stands out as a stellar Parliamentarian in Nigeria’s Green Chamber.
For Ondo we should not forget so soon, the memories live and remain historic. The people don't blink when confronted with overbearing federal powers, fascist regimes and toxic leaders. Remember Pa Ajasin of blessed memory, it happened in 1983. Again in 2007 the people teamed with Mimiko to oust an incumbent governor, and even the present Governor came to be 4yrs ago following the peoples resolve not to take orders from Lagos and Abuja. Why should anyone believe that the same Ondo people want to be associated with the most authoritarian regime ever in Nigeria.
The Ondo people have all the reasons to be eked with the two parties that have played prominent roles in Ondo state politics removing the short-lived forays of two others. Within the time these parties were in control of government, they spent over N7.0Trillions of the peoples money from federal allocations, excess crude account shares, internally generated revenues, forced land acquisitions, and local and foreign loans. This does not include the CBN funds for Agric-investment, industrialization and infrastructure to the state via private investors and millions of dollars from NGOs and foreign Donors programs. The LGAs in Ondo state have also collected a lot more. Each of the local government council has in its kitty about 250million monthly from federal sources, internally generated revenues, levies and markets. The federal law makers are supposed to attract investments and developmental projects and opportunities from the federal government and its numerous agencies. All these combined with the statutory federal obligations to the state in terms of infrastructural developments, empowerment and poverty alleviation programs, the wastage is humongous. For 20years the governments have squandered the resources and the citizens live in penury, tragic deficit of infrastructural and industrial development, Education, health and Healthcare and all the human development index. Wasted years, wasted opportunities and billions in the pockets of a few with estates in Abuja, Lagos and in foreign lands.
The people of Ondo have shown capacity and readiness to follow determined and progressive leaders before and now. They did that when they used the Labour party to stop the powerful PDP, AD, and ACN. Their mentality in adopting ADC has again spoken the obvious. As leaders we should learn to understand our people, listen to them and remain accountable to them always. The people love humble and transparent leaders.
We may not get it right all the times. Leaders are not infallible. It is ennobling to share our challenges, failures and even the guilt we feel. The people deserve our humble acceptance and apologies. They will understand, they can forgive. But they don't want quitters or persons who would easily transit to the power-players-domain climbing on their back. They will spite opportunists who used them as canon fodders. It is only a matter of time. Leaders must be authentic and must be able to assure their people that the compass of their trajectories are in order and are being controlled with due diligence.
In 2020 and beyond, ADC has the duty to provide the leadership for Ondo renaissance. The transducers, corrupted systems and the devouring hawks will always conspire to thwart things as they did in 2019. But with a clear strategy, well coordination action and leadership resolve Ondo will continuously arise and shine from hence. It is not by accident that Ondo is the sunshine state; Almighty liveth and does not reward evil.
I hear that the entrenched interests have put the budget of a governorship run at ₦20 billion minimum. That budget is a vodoo gameplay for scavengers, egomaniacs and political mercenaries. When the people rallied for Mimiko, neither the state nor the federal supported him, he did not spend anything close to one month allocation of one local government council to be victorious. If one is ready to govern based on ADC DNA, disciplined and responsible engagement with the people, and radical transparency, trust the people to go the extra miles of raising the millions by donating ₦100, 200, 500, 1000, and 10k, volunteerism and their unalloyed support. The wise people will rather invest 1k than lose more in trillions of Naira, and wasted years that should be channeled into productivity, development, security and prosperity for the people and the state.
You made ADC number one party in Ondo in 6 months without a counselor. We may be down, angry and a bit confused. But we have the people and we have 9months to stop the bazaar of looting and desecration of our values. It is all in our hands. Our brand is strong, yes very strong. The campaign will be easier, especially where nothing can be said of the trillions of naira wasted, the current state and national debt profile, worsening security situation, poverty and fascism that the party in power has enthroned in place of the democracy we fought the military for. ADC arise and shine in the Sunshine State.During the 2019 general election regime Ondo people spoke loud that they stand with ADC. They rejected the dirty money and rebuffed all the threats and voted with their heart and head intact. It is all in our hands. We must not renege on this SOS duty.
I remain yours truly,
Ralphs Okey Nwosu ADC National Chairman 03/01/2020.