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November 09, 2020

The devastating level of hunger is unbearable for the Nigerian youth & citizens

The devastating  level of hunger is unbearable for the Nigerian youth & citizens. What is bad for Mr president to stand up & address the Nigeria youth for this protest ? I believe that PMB is president of Nigeria not APC president. What is the meaning of all this starvation inflation evert where even the full pump prize is now 160 per litter but Mr president promised us that the fuel prize should come Dawn to 50 during his campaign 2015 we voted him but today what we get in return is reberbetic & indenite fuel prize high cost of living what opprobrium? What an odium? Nigeria is in financial &  economic banktigism.Can one look at the way game political  has been played in Nigeria? Nigeria has been ban buzzed, razuterzuled, and razzmatazz politically by his excellency Muhamadu buhari lead administration. Now that the Nigeria youth have condemned APC & PDP Government ADC is the way forward for Nigeria because ADC have 40% youth 20% woman & 40% for all citizens during the 2019 General elections ADC gave free form to women 50% discount for the Nigeria youth with this is Crystal clear that ADC have the interest of the youth at heart. Covid 19 the corona virus pandemic palliatives provided by government we only hear of it in the pages of news peppers & TV but the citizen is not getting it what a need. some politician hijacked the parlatives for the self & family while  others are dieing  of hunger. Mr president pls come & address the Nigeria youth so that all this protest will stop.

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